Anthony Rochester Sings For You

by Anthony Rochester

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Francesco Ciabatti
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Francesco Ciabatti Pure pop bliss: I’ve been loving this album since I first listened to it
Favorite track: Let's make love happen.
Noah Wilson
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Noah Wilson I highly recommend letting Anthony Rochester sing for you. Pure pop bliss. Favorite track: A walk in the zoo.
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CD available from Jigsaw Records (PZL136)


released February 16, 2018

All songs by Anthony Rochester
except "Let's make love happen" - lyrics by Peter Joseph Head

Peter Joseph Head - background vocals on "Let's make love happen"
Michael Herbert - harp on "Parasep discothèque", "My dancing days are done", "Burkholderia", "Let's make love happen"
and flute on "Toronto song"
Tim Byrnes - Flugelhorn on "My dancing days are done" and "Let's make love happen"
Helen Rochester - vocals on "A walk in the zoo"


all rights reserved


Track Name: Sing us a seaside song
well i'm not a beach person
you know that's for certain
i'd rather be up a mountain

but I've got a runny nose
and I can't feel my toes

when its wintry outside
and you long for the tide
and the summer of your lifetime

to feel the sun on your hair
and the wind on your toes
and the sand in your ears
and the sea in your shoes

sing us a seaside song
Track Name: Parasep discothèque
well there's an accepted convention the laboratory technicians keep religiously
when the specimens are labelled for identification we stick them on vertically
but there's one notable exception I've decided needs correction immediately
and I'm trying to convince the population they're neater horizontally

I'm begging you please
I'm almost on my knees
won't you follow my lead on this

If you provide and explanation I'll accept the implication and change my ways
but only if it's rational and actually beneficial, not traditional
there's no escape from the psychology that its absolutely gotta be a certain way
and although its parasitology it doesn't affect the microscopy in any way

so I'm begging you please
I'm almost on my knees
won't you follow my lead on this
Track Name: My dancing days are done
Saw You Am I it was '96
the university full of kids
and Mr Rogers showed me how he could dance
up on the stage it looked quite fun
and when the crowd was jumping i also jumped
so i could see over their heads
but as my glasses flew down towards the floor
i knew my dancing days were done

don't ask me to dance cos there's no chance
i'd walk across that floor just to get to the door
i've tried it before but i'll try no more
before they begun my dancing days were done
Track Name: Burkholderia
I did not catch the Burkholderia
Oh yes it was a pseudomallei
they gave me a thermometer
and said write down your temperature
I took trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole
Track Name: Toronto song
My squirrel is so giddy and she doesn't know the city like the back of her hand
a stranger in this land
it is stranger than I expected but it is apparent we will be good friends
if some time we spend
we enjoy holding hands in the snow going round her house
we enjoy throwing sticks on the ground in a funny way
Track Name: Cat food etc
Scruffles tells me its dinner time
but she won't get her cat food till twelve o'clock
impatience and persistence is
rewarded with some tasty cat treats
cat food costs 79c a tin these days
well I can't complain
Helen made her a cardboard thing
its her favourite surface on which to think

In the morning I'll wake up and eat my porridge and milo too
go to work and eat my can of fish, a sandwich and banana too
Track Name: Emotional song #3
when you're sad you feel emotional
when you're glad you don't feel emotional
Track Name: Let's make love happen
We've been together so long
At the start we were strong
You said I was the one
Well I'm still here oh I haven't gone
So lets make love happen...

Maybe we let things go wrong
baby for way for too long
But chu know love it don't come
It don't come unless it gets done
So lets make love happen...

And when you lean across that desk I still get that feeling deep down in my chest
You know I just can't resist Though we've had our problems There's none we can't fix
We can't fail......
So lets make love happen

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